Tagged another Dt LO and Tiles.

I've been tagged by Trini.

1. Find the nearest book:

2. Name the book & the author:
Feel Good
by Pamela Allardice

3. Turn to page 123

4. Go to the 5th sentence & copy out the next 3 sentences on your blog:

"Clip inspirational positive photos and post them on your fridge. Make a deliberate effort to share a good news story with a friend or colleague. Similarly, try to look for others' good points, avoid saying negative things about people."

5. Tag 3 more people....

Hmmm... Jaki, Ann and Megan.

This is my second DT Lo using Collections stencil Alphas. Thanks to Gill for the KFD tag. perfect for this page.

And this is what I have done with my tiles from the swap


  1. Oh I love what you have done with them Tammy :-D

  2. Fab LO Tammy, I'd have never thought of using the negative of the alpha's like this.. I have that set too... I agree the little tag looks great!..
    Oh how lovely is your tile set together.. just beautiful...

  3. OMG!!!!!!! I love that tag is so AWESOME AND BEAUTIFUL AND ...WOW!!!


    Bety :)

  4. Thanks for the inspirational idea Tammy !! Looks terrific!!

  5. Wow, this is gorgeous!

  6. Love what you created with your tiles, they look fantastic tammy

  7. This tag is wonderful!!!
    Love it!!!

  8. Love what you did with the tiles Tammy! Looks FAB!

  9. I received my tiles today Tammy and they look sensational. Thanks to all :)

  10. Wow your tile tag is gorgeous, great idea.


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