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Well not much of any excitement going on here lately.
Last week I did get to meet Phillipa which was lovely we have been emailing a little bit and blog commenting for a while. I think we started to forge a friendship after I 'ran' into her husband at the PO one day. LOL
I am getting used to preparing Formula a couple of times a day. I accept it as I know it is the best thing for my baby, but I still don't really like it. We still manage a night time cup of my milk but it won't last for much longer, I expect that the last time I give him a cup of Breastmilk at bed time and the first time he gets Formula at bed time will be difficult emotionally.
I'm not really teary about it anymore ( well sometimes but not on a daily basis IYKWIM )
I'll have something creative to post soon. I'm working on my tiles for the swap. When I get them all and have them ready to send to their new homes I'll post them all here, there are some really gorgeous sets here waiting so get ready for some real eye candy!
Ok I am off to tend to my house. I let it go to rack and ruin when I was on the first week of Refusal from baby boy and it hasn't really recovered yet. I am making slow progress today. I always find it interesting how my mental state and surroundings seem to mirror each other, and if I'm feeling bad I'm usually surrounded by mess, and of course vice versa. It's a vicious circle!


  1. That's so true Tammy how our houses reflect our state of mind..
    So I must be all muddled up in my mind at the mo!!!...I'm trying to get organised for a retreat and one step forward two steps back!!!! LOL!

  2. Totally agree with the state of house/state of mind thing.
    I sent my tiles off today so I hope you get them soon. I will email re postage :)
    Take Care

  3. Hi Tammy, saw your post on UKS, so thought I would pop over and take a look around your blog! Oh how I remember those days of changing from breast to formula, it was quite distressing at times! Your house sounds exactly like mine, it normally reflects my state of mind or my creativity .. which normally means messy .. LOL :)

  4. Yep, my house usually reflects my state of mind too.

    I hope everything is going okay for you. I remember when Callum weaned himself from the breast (mostly because I wasn't producing enough). I felt like my heart was breaking. *big hugs*


  5. Hope this last week has been better for you Tammy....will keep reading to find out.


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