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Ok I have just been over to Trish Reeds blog ( the last link on my sidebar ) and she and her business partner Tara are giving away a fantastic opportunity to win one of their amazing delux designer kits from Scrapping Angels check it out.

Today a received an amazing 3 bugs Cabana Caboodle Kit from the very generous Lauren Rhodes in return for the banner I made her. Thanks Lauren. : )

I jus have to post this pic here because I think they look so cute its my swap items for the next OSS swap themed metal.
I really love those pins they are gorgeous.

Here is my last tile missing from the set below. The pic taken in bad light with a flash I'm Sorry ... It really does look better IRL I promise

Hi to everyone from UKS coming by to peek at the Tiles please say hi. : )

I'm working with My DT kit which is another tricky one for me this month Trace has given us old PP wanting a reinvention or rejuvenation ... I got some bold blue and Green Gin X PP. I'll have some sneaks soon I hope.

This afternoon little Miss asked me for a biscuit and I slipped her a half a Milky Way and told her she could have that instead of a biscuit for a 'Special treat'.
5 minutes ago She says 'Mummy, I really, really need something to put in my mouth.' This made me smile, then she quickly added "Something that's maybe not a biscuit".


  1. How cute is she Tammy & how quickily they learn about the good & tasty things in life, you've done it now
    Your metal swaps are gorgeous, love those little felt pins & the wonderful felt hearts they are adorable, clever girl, I'm pleased one is coming to me x

  2. She is such a cutie and a quick learner to boot!!!
    I love those pins ;) That last tile is just gorgeous! Love how you made the wings! Beautiful

  3. wow Tammy those little hearts!! are just BEAUTIFUL TFS!

    Have a nice day!

    Bety :)

  4. LOL
    Oh she is a smart cookie, or biscuit as the case may be!

    Looks like you have been very busy!
    Where do you find the time woman?

  5. hee, came to have a nosey at your tiles and saw your post re: saying hi... so hi LOL

    fab tiles, must have a go.

  6. Tammy it sounds like Rachel is a clever one! Very gorgeous!

    Megan xx

  7. Awwww... Rachel's a girl after my own heart...
    Speaking of hearts... how cute are those little hearts... there will be some smiles at the end of that swap.. and I just love that last tile... SCRUMMY!!!!.. Good luck with your reinventing and rejuvenating... :o)

  8. ummm, can I change my group for the swap??? Love those hearts!

  9. Love the swapp hearts just gorgeous, and that tile is just lovely. Lauren is a sweetie, can't wait for her to come home, have fun with the 3Bugs.

  10. Can I be cheeky and ask where the pins are from?


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