Create, Cringe and Admire.

I have made another card.
This one started it's life as the backing for the LO below. I had put it all together and decided it need 'something' so decided to ink the edges orange but I wasn't concentrating and made a smudge instead of smooth sharp edge So I just distressed all the edges with shadow ink and added a bit more 'pumpkin spice' too. I thought it just looked wrong left it over night looked again in the morning and thought Ewww.
Ripped it all apart and put a nice clean white base back on and by this time it was so obvious that it was just a little bling that was needed.
So I used the inked CS along with a plain janes chippie button, HS flower and some ribbon & twill, to make a simple card for my friend who had a baby last week.

Now that I look at it here I see a strong Gillian Hamilton influence.

Going back one day most of my Sunday was spent sitting in the Emergency Dept at Canberra Hospital because of this ...
Please excuse the snotty nose ( these were taken about 6 or 7 hours later at home again )

While I was there a mother comes rushing through the doors with a little boy in her arms carrying him the way a groom carries a bride over the threshold. I would estimate his age to be 7 to 10 she plopped him into the nearest seat and said hold this on as she rushed over to the window, she took two steps and the groggy little boys arm wavered from his forehead to reveal a GAPING split from top to bottom she grabbed him again an ran to the window saying he fell off his bike ...
I was STUNNED how did he do that riding a bike ??? My future flashed before my eyes as I had only just been wondering how I was sitting in Emergency with a 9 month old waiting to find out if stitches were required.

There was a question of stitching as the split went below his lip line and check out that new one week through tooth. So anyway no stitches were required and today the only noticable part of the split is the underside.

Lastly I leave off with something a bit more appealing, I decided to pull this old butter dish out of storage and give it a new lease on life. I adore vintage glass pieces and have a small collection of cream/milk and gravy jugs also depression era glass bowls.
I just flipped it over and the base is a lid to keep the dust off my buttons. I love looking at this on my scrap table now. Hope fully I will be able to fill it a bit more soon.


  1. The stress you must of felt being in the emergency room!!!
    I remember Jessica running into the wall - about 15months old - I hugged her, let go... and there was a bump the size of a golf ball! And that is BIG for a little one!! Everything was fine in the end, but the wait in ER was a killer!!
    that card is gorgeous! I so love those flowers ;)
    Take care!

  2. Oh the poor little thing...

    I've only been to the ER with Elisha once and it was EARLY in the morning on a Sunday, and I thought he had something contagious, so we didn't have to wait long at all.

    And ooh, that dish is so nice.

  3. Tammy I took one look at the glass butter jar and thought of my mother - she is a glass freak!! You would love her collection!

    Oh dear about your Sunday :-( Poor little mite with the split glad no stitches were needed.

    Hoping the rest of the week is smooth sailing.

    Megan xx

  4. Nothing wrong with a Gillian Hamilton influence I say ;)
    Love the card!!

  5. Beautiful card hun... love all that inking...
    Oh I love old glass too... and don't they the buttons look amazing in that butter dish.. Inspiring...
    Ouch!!!... I do hope your precious little man is feeling better...

  6. Oh that looks so sore, I hope he is feeling better.
    I love the card Tammy, I just love HS flowers on cards.
    Buttons too are a favourite in my house too but aren't in anything as nice as your dish :)
    Take Care!


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