A conversation

Last night Lil Miss and I had this conversation when I saw two reddish brown marks on her arm.

I - "Miss what happened to your arm sweetie?"
She - "Its got Sores on it mum"
I - " I can see it has sores in it sweetie but what happened?"
She - "My arm has Sores"
Hmmm.... I wonder How can I rephrase it to get the answer I'm after.
I - "Miss how did the sore's get on your arm?"
She - "It's from the Sores bottle mummy" ( the sauce bottle )

At this I dissolved in giggles, as during the conversation she had matched her tone to mine, put on a sad face and was speaking in a very injured tone. She watched me laughing for a little while with confusion on her face and then says

"Mum why are you so Funny?" ( Translation - Why are you laughing so much? )
It's still making me smile now. Hope you get a smile out of it too.


  1. Too cute Tammy. What a gem Rachel is!

    Megan xx

  2. That is adorable! Yes, i do have a big smile on my face now!!

  3. That is hilarious.

  4. What a little darling...

  5. This is a classic Tammy, what a delight she is
    x pansy

  6. Too sweet Tammy!! She is such a cutie! Little girls so love their mommy!

  7. that is simply gorgeous :) can't help but smile :-D

    They come out with the most wonderful things
    Sian this morning tells me.... Becky did it... I said Becky isn't here so she tells me Brabry (Bradley) did it. I said OH Brad did it huh? Which I get this sheepish little reply ..I did it Mummy... oh so cute :)

  8. ROFL Tammy, very cute :)

  9. just so cute Tammy... I wish I had journalled more of my conversations with my children like this... they do make you smile don't they...

  10. Well done for recording such a precious moment! They easily slip by without being remembered. today my son (2yrs very soon)touched some flowers I had in a vase, and well man handled them really, I told him he needed to be gentle, some of the petals fell off, and he said 'uh oh' 'broken'!

  11. ROTFL!! LOL. too cute


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