Wow! Amazing morning.

One of my Scrapping goals this year is to seek inspiration from outside my comfort zone... No this is not just an excuse to do more blog surfing LOL, but that is what I was doing yesterday when I started noticing posts here there and everywhere about the 'word' of the year. I traced this back to Ali Edwards blog as a challenge she has issued.
What an amazing woman I feel that I have 'discovered' for myself. I have known her name for a long time but never delved any deeper, this lady has what I find to be a really refreshing and inspirational perspective at this time in my life.
So I take on the challenge and my word for this year is Progress.

Progress as a positive way of looking at everything in my life.
Instead of having only put half of my shopping away this morning because I have a sad sick and teething lil boy who wants to be constantly cuddled I am making progress with putting the groceries away.
The perishable stuff is away the rest will get there. It kills a negative self pressure voice in my head that is saying Arrgh must put shopping away; mess ... etc etc.
The definition I found online for Progress is :-

1. Movement, as toward a goal; advance.
2. Development or growth: students who show progress.
3. Steady improvement, as of a society or civilization: a believer in human progress. See Synonyms at development.
4. A ceremonial journey made by a sovereign through his or her realm.
intr.v. pro·gress (pr-grs) pro·gressed, pro·gress·ing, pro·gress·es
1. To advance; proceed: Work on the new building progressed at a rapid rate.
2. To advance toward a higher or better stage; improve steadily: as medical technology progresses.
in progress
Going on; under way: a work in progress.

I really like this and can see myself using it often and applying it to my life.

In other news I got some AWESOME goodies this morning!!
I won some goodie bags from SISSEY they are amazing! I got some chip chatter alphas, scenic route alphas, Heidi, BG and Lil Davis Rub ons, Plain Janes chippies, and some other generous goodies!
In addition to that My order of Blush PP arrived from Blue bazaar and I won some MM PP's too!!! I have admired some of the Blush lines for a while but was inspired to buy them after seeing what my new friend Gillian Hamilton created with them. This lady seriously makes THE most inspirational cards if you haven't already check out her blog or you can also see her work at daring Card Makers.

I will have a creative share soon am almost finished a coaster book of my goals for this year.

Apparently I missed de lurking week but if you are reading this please say hi.


  1. Hi Tammy :)

    What a lucky girl you are!!! Congrats and yes Progress is another word I really like :)

  2. HI! ummm, what's de-lurking week?...If you missed it, then what chance have I got mate?
    Ali Edwards is some special designer hey? Love her stuff! I too have a little word now as well.

  3. Brilliant Word Tammy... It's like you have just reinvented it's meaning to me... Thankyou!
    Awww.. you're so gorgeous about my little cards... I'm all a BLUSH.... :o)

  4. I'm here Tammy!

    Fabulous word for your year, and a huge congrats on the prize!

    Megan xx

  5. Hi Tam. PROGRESS. what a great word. I too am familiar with Ali E's name, but haven't checked out her website. Will do so now. Thanks for the nudge.

  6. Hi Tammy
    Congrats on your win. Can't wait to see what you create with all your goodies.
    Best Wishes

  7. "Progress" is a great word and I'm sure it will keep you inspired all-year long! Can't wait to see your creations in your new, 'progressive' style! :)


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