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I've completed two pages in the last few days but one is The DT Scraps for you page I did for Top end girl at OSS so I'll wait until she has seen it before I post it here if that is Ok with her. This one is another DT page done using the same piece PP I used on the last page I posted here.
Not much news, busy with my Children. Mr is surging forward developmentally and a big thanks goes out to Dee for her info on sleep and settling which has REALLY helped things around here.
Miss seems to be going through a stage of behavioural regression and mild aggression ( in the form of WAY too much love and playfullness ) directed at her brother which is frustrating to say the least. Her toilet training has just totally gone back to virtually square one and we were wearing undies with around 70 % success just a couple of months ago.
I'm looking forward to catching up with my friend Jaki next week.


  1. Love how the flowers pop against the black cardstock!!! BEAUTIFUL!


  2. love your page!!

    I can't wait for next week too :)

  3. Hi Tammy I just love your DT layouts in both posts, they are gorgeous, and funky.


  4. I love this. Really stands out against the black.
    Bet you girls have fun next week :-)

  5. So please that it has helped you Tammy. Its amazing what different children they become after a good nights sleep isnt it?
    I absolutely love those flowers on that page Tammy, they look so chunky and funky. Did you cut them yourself?
    Have a good one!

  6. Hi Tammy, I love this one... gorgeous colours.. so vibrant..

  7. Beautiful work, I love the colors on the black cardstock


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