Goals Coaster Album

Here are some pics of my goals coaster album that I have just finished.
It's pretty simple with the theme on the front embellished and the goals in point form on the back.
thanks Ali for the Album and to Maria and Jaki for the Deja Views PP's I used. I'm glad to have this off my desk now as progress was slow and I'm keen to move on.
I've included some shots of the more interesting details and also laid them all out side by side in the last one.


  1. You say simple Tammy, but it looks very striking and fancy! just gorgeous :-)

    Megan xx

  2. I think it's gorgeous!

  3. This looks great Tammy.

  4. Oh YUMMY... This looks like big versions of our tiles...
    Just beautiful Tammy, love those colours and all of your touches..

  5. AWESOME work. I so love all the detail on these.

  6. OMG!!! Love this one, is really beautiful !!!!

    Bety. :)

  7. Gorgeous Tammy!

    I started my tiles last night too, and boy are they tiny little canvases, lol.

  8. Hi Tammy
    Wow I absolutely LOVE the colours you have used. What a gorgeous keepsake for 2007. Love it!

  9. These are beaaaaautiful Tammy!

  10. Tammy, this is fantastic !! You've decorated the coaster's beautifully....now comes the hard part....doing what's on the back!!


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