One thing down so many still to do...

Well today I finished a small task on my to do list, the last of the pillow boxes for DD's daycarers, she was helping me to fill them yesterday it was fun. They are filled with tea bags 'ups of tea' and Chocolates 'special treats' : )
In other news my little man is going to pull himself up on some furniture any day now. He can stand in his cot and tries anywhere he can, he's not really co ordinated or perhaps strong enough yet but boy is he ever determined!


  1. These presents look great Tammy - I am sure Rachel's carers will love them!

    Isn't Callum a clever boy!!!

  2. Oh cute pressies Tammy, I'm sure Rachel will enjoy handing them out...Love the colours...

  3. Theses are gorgeous Tammy... I will have to keep them in mind for next year :-D
    Callum is growing too quickly!!

  4. wow Tammy your little pressies look terrific. I am sure the daycarers will love them.
    Best Wishes

  5. Hey there Tammy,
    Me again... Thanks heaps for adding me to your link list, What a thrill... and thankyou so much for all of your gorgeous comments on my blog.. Re- the tile swap, 'maybe rusty old junk!! for my theme, what do you reckon...

  6. Oh you might think I'm queer, by 'Rusty old junk', I mean old coins & buttons and that type of thing... Just thought I'd better clarify my last comment...


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