I'm still here :)

Not much time on my hands for blogging these days, Not for posting or surfing. I've been spending less time at the computer and still feel like a mouse running in a wheel, wearing myself out and getting nowhere.

I do one basket of washing and two more appear... you know how it goes. I have not finished our Christmas shopping I have the hardest member of our family to buy for IMO, though I do have our Children all wrapped up now : ) and have just decided I will probably make a little brag book for Dad.

Have not been creating lately either...

Except for the online class I was lucky enough to do at Pink locker Project with Suz Doyle on the weekend, I have pretty much kept her layout design but mine doesnt look much like hers at all. I wasn't sure what to expect not having done one before but PLP had it all set up wonderfully with a chat window and Suzs directions were clear and easy to follow, I finished it off today, as it was a bit of a luxury to shut myself in the bedroom to Scrap on a Sunday afternoon leaving my wonderful man looking after the two Children.

You can see Suz's original here

We found out my Children will have another cousin next year ( though it's still early days yet so I won't share any more until the first 12 weeks have passed )
Had a phone call from Sara last week too, she is in London now and suffering a major case of Culture shock after spending a year in Japan which she loved. Its hard to believe she has been gone a year already.

Miss fell on the way to Daycare today and skinned both of her knees really well, the worst she has ever had and on both sides :(

Mr. .. whew!!
He has really been giving me a hard time with daytime sleeping for almost a month now and this last week has started waking for a night feed at around 1.30 then the day starts at 5 to 5.30.

He is sooo active and wears me out already, he has been commando crawling for a few weeks now and discovered the rest of the house this week, he LOVES Miss's room and this has already caused a few tense moments ending with me trying to barricade the door with something easy for her to get over and hard for him to get over/around/through. Yesterday he came into the kitchen on hands and knees and I've seen him going around that way about half the day I guess and commando the other times. He pulled himself to stand holding onto the couch today, hes been doing it in his cot for a few days, he took one side step once he was standing ... not long now. This week those fine motor skills seem to have clicked up a notch or two as well and I see him picking up Miss's SAO crumbs and this morning a moth .... Its not going to get any slower or quieter for me LOL!

Now onto ... Tiles, has everyone got a theme in mind yet?
I've had a few replies ...
Sharon - Red, Green, Gold Christmas
Glennie - Monochrome blues Sea theme
Gillian - Rusty Old Junk ... think brown tones, buttons, coins etc
Tammy - Cuppa and Chocolate ... think all things Brown yummy and comforting.
Sam - Black and White
Brenda - Brown and Blue.
I think this is it so far so you other girls still have a couple of weeks to decide what you want to have and get tiles ready to start :)


  1. Love your LO Tammy...great design Suz has come up with and I love your take on it!

    So exciting re Callum, and at the same time you have all my empathy as I had two early walkers and they both cut down the daytime sleeps way too early for my liking :( Livvy was a good night sleeper but J was shocking. So I know where you are atm and all you can do is hang in there, only do what you have to and grab time for you whenever you can!!

    Hugs to you :)

  2. I love your LO, so pretty..glad you got a chance to create.
    Tammy, I need to ask, do we buy the tiles somewhere, or do we make them, what size and what out of. I hadn't seem them until I saw yours on your blog.. Could you also mention brown tones with my 'Rusty old junk' Thankyou. Everyones themes sound wonderful so far... I'm really looking forward to doing this..and thankful to you for organising this with the busy life of having such young cherubs.

  3. I am thinking black and white Tammy - please :-D
    Callum is growing oh so fast. I was lucky with Brad in the fact that he did everything a little later, but was a terrible sleeper :(
    Sian on the other hand was/is a brilliant sleeper, but did everything very early.
    Hopefully he will establish a bit better sleeping pattern for you soon. I hope Rachels knees are better soon
    Take Care

  4. Hi Tammy, I think I've fixed the prob.. or you can try
    or post it on my blog if that doesn't work.. sorry..

  5. How exciting for your first on-line class, love the layout.
    Hope Callum settles back into routine soon, unfortunately the crawling and getting into things wont get any better... He is growing up so fast and looks so sweet and innocent standing up there like such a big boy....
    For my tiles Tammy I choose, brown and blue....

  6. Hi Tammy,
    Just popping in to say hello! Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe new year.
    Hugs, Cass (from Scrap Pile)

  7. Hi Tammy
    great to catch up on all the news.

    For my tile swap I would like a pink and green theme - Want to also frame mine. As it will be for my scraproom, think flowers, creating, scrapping etc.

  8. Hi Tammy, nope no DT pack here yet, hopefully arrives in the next couple of days!
    What a clever possum Callum is, pulling himself to stand before he even crawls properly. Watch out....he may not crawl at all, he may just start running! LOL!
    It may be the age with the sleeping. We have just been through that with Ciara. It really sucks when you have been getting a full nights sleep and then have to get up doesnt it? Its exhausting. We offered her only water when she woke up, and she seemed to get the hint (dont want to jinx myself!). So you could try that, and if he doesnt settle go the milk bottle. Do you still wrap him up? Ciara wont sleep without being wrapped tightly.
    Hope it works itselfout for you soon, I know how you feel.

  9. Hi Tammy, love the layout you created it is just lovely.

    I am the same as Gillian, what size do the tiles need to be ??

    I have decided on pretty and flowery, so that is my theme, I am so excited about this.

    I hope that is enough info.

    I hope you have a wonderful xmas and a very, Happy New Year.

    Best Wishes

  10. Hi Tammy
    I hope Rachels knees heal up quickly for you. What a cheeky little man you have there. They grow up way to fast.
    love your layout it looks fantastic.


  11. You Lo it so pretty! Callum will be walking in no time! What a little cuttie and big sis beadroom is always the best place to have fun!

    Have a great christmas!!!

    Lauren x

  12. Hi Tammy
    Just stopping by to say
    Merry Christmas!!!


  13. Merry Christmas Tammy! I hope you have a truly wonderful holiday period :) (no doubt see you on OSS anyway :) But wanted to drop by anyways :) )

  14. Love this LO Tammy especially the colours you have used, look stunning

    For the tile swap I would like my theme to be "teenage boy" (colours Canary Yellow, primary red, black, he's into car's, drifting, neon's)

    Have a joyous Christmas filled with love & laughter


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