Cyber crop prize

For the challenge Set at the OSS cyber crop last week, I volunteered to make a prize for the winner.
The winner was Kayzer and I have made her a little something for her tree, I guess its my home made version of a sugar cube its made of chipboard and is 2 inches square, I've used BG PP's from last years Christmas range and also Urbane couture. I left some faces blank and embellished others The blank ones could be adorned with photos perhaps? I must admit that I have ( obviously ) indulged my current ribbon fetish.
Thanks for giving me the go ahead to post pictures Kaye and I really hope you like it when it arrives next week. : )
I found this item quite hard to photograph, I don't think these really do it justice, but I think you'll get the idea.


  1. Really like this Tammy - great job and idea!

  2. Wow Tammy, this is beautiful.

  3. Tammy this is very cute, love all that ribbon

  4. So cute Tammy... gotta love all that yummy ribbon..

  5. Love all the ribbons. A bunch of those on the tree would look really cute.

  6. OK need to make one you need my address??
    Seriously though, lovely idea and it looks gorgeous !


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