Look what he can do!

Well Mr has worked out how to sit himself up in bed as of this morning and thinks he is so clever ( well he is really ) Only problem is that once he sits up he seems to stay there! This is how I found him after being in there for about 20 mins this afternoon ... look how tired he is

This is my latest LO ....
He is going to keep me on my toes

Still looking for 5 more people for the tile swap... do any of you girls who have already signed up know anyone else who might be interested?


  1. Callum is growing up so fast Tammy, love the layout too, how cute!
    I will join in the tile swap since I missed the one at OSS....

  2. gorgeous little man :)

    re the tile swap...
    It wouldn't be a bad thing to have some blank tiles that you could just paint to suit your theme.
    It can get busy if you have 16 very decorated tiles :)

  3. Callum looks so gorgeous sitting up in his cot - perhaps you'll find him sitting up asleep one day soon!!

  4. what a fun LO... I love the way you did the title... great colours too...looking forward to that tile swap...

  5. I have to own up and say I had a good giggle when you described Callum learning to sit up and just staying there. I can imagine him thinking' "I'm up, now what do I do?" Gorgeous.
    Love that layout. I think I could create a few of those around that very same theme.

  6. I love this LO and the title is amazing !!

  7. Oh gosh I think I might regret saying this, but I think I'd like to sign up. LMK if that's okay Tammy and what I need to do from here.

  8. I love this LO!
    Just beautiful!

  9. Este layout es sencillamente hermoso!!!! Esta espectacular, y la expresion del bebe en la fotografia lo hace aun mas especial! Felicidades!!! Ame tu layout!


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