Last DT for Nov. ( I think )

Well this page is a bit more of my norm ( whatever that is ) after the glitter and glitz of fairies but I did have such fun creatively exploring on that challenge so Thank you Pansy.

Look at my gorgeous babies, Tara and Tim visited on the weekend and Tara was surprised at how they have both changed since Amys wedding. Mr has two teeth now and is really loving the independance of being able to move by himself. He is right on the verge of crawling, Props up on hands and knees and rocks back and forth, he can inch himself forwards and turns in a cirlcle to face any direction when hes on his tummy so he can pretty much get anywhere he wants by rolling and turning. Its so amazing and cute to watch!


  1. Love the simplicity of this Tammy, it is timeless in its appeal. Looks fab.

  2. It was a pleasure Tammy
    I love this LO those chipboard buttons are fab & those two babies sre certainly sooo beautiful you are one lucky girl

  3. 6 months old and moving around and trying to crawl :( It happens much too quickly!!!

    Love the photos of your two gorgeous kiddies and the LO is fresh! I'm lifting it really soon ;)

  4. Tammy this is a beautiful layout and your babies are absolutely gorgeous!

    They get big way too quickly, you blink and you miss it.

  5. gorgeous Tammy :D I love this LO

  6. Tammy, this is a lovely LO,
    It looks so clean & fresh....
    It really highlights those beautiful photo's of your children..


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