I've been thinking about time a bit lately, mainly bought on by the development of my children especially Mr. I know that children grow fast but I cant believe that my little boy is all but 6 months old and it seems to have passed in the blink of an eye, he got his first tooth this week and Last night I realised he has been having one if not two extra breastfeeds each day for almost a week, here I was thinking I'd introduce solids a little closer to 7 months than to 6 but now I realise he's telling me he's ready. So off to the shops for supplies we will be going soon.

Then there is my beautiful Miss ( seen here wearing her 'sunglasses' early in the morning ), who at not yet 2 1/2 says 'Oh Man!' when her plans are foiled - this expression gleaned from Swiper the fox on Dora the Explorer but as she also learns terms such as Abre, delicioso, gracias etc... I wont go on due to my inability to spell Sanish words, I continue tolet her watch it. Oh man! is often nicer and easier to accept than NO!
She is my number one housework helper, so curious and independant. She looked at me across the dinner table last night and says ' Mummy you are eating very nicely' I said 'well thankyou Miss ' and smiled because she obviously does listen and appreciate when we tell her that, its when she says things like 'I need a biscuit' that I frown at my incorrect and frequent use of the word need.
They are growing and developing so fast will I be looking at then in what seems like months and seeing teenagers before me ??

I have been doing some creating behind the scenes. Will hopefully have something to share soon.
hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I am sitting here nodding my head at everything you have said :)

    Olivia's closest friend moved to a new school last week and Olivia rang her up last night to see how she was...well I watched her on the phone chatting away to her friend just like I did when I was a teenager and it scared me...she is only 6 but will be a teen in the blink of an eye :( and :)

    Gorgeous photos!!

  2. Tammy you have two adorable children, they are so cute, and I know what you mean about time passing, my DS Chaise is now 1 and it just seems like yesterday when he was born....

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  5. What sweet little babies you have Tammy, enjoy every minute of them :)
    I miss my little girl playing faries and unicorns in the backyard very much, these moments have now been traded in for boys and the talk of a licence :(


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