Second Post today.

Well Sorry about the whinge earlier...
I went for a big walk with the pram went to the PO (got some scrap goodies.)
Realised I am extremely lucky to be able to stay at home with my gorgeous kiddies and am greatful and thankful for that.
Nothing like the wind and physical exertion to knock the cobwebs out of ones head.

Here are some sneaks of one of my DT Lo's for November. I got a big fat kit with new Kelly Panacci PP...
More sneaks next week too ; )

Now I'm off to snuggle and watch a movie with my man.


  1. something made me check in on you again and here I find another post :)
    Glad you are feeling brighter this evening.

    Love the colours in this LO!!

  2. Stunning colours Tammy !!


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