Tile Swap

I cant resist sharing these... they are the tiles I have created for the current OSS swap. The themes are from L to Right.
Black and white, Spring flowers, Floral Fantasia, Pink is Girly, Passion for purple, purple girly, Family/generations/heritage, Nature, Pink for girls, pink and green, blue and brown, outback, blue for boys, Sugar and spice, dogs and Snips and Snails.


  1. fantastic Tammy!!! Will share mine soon :D

  2. Wow these are sooo cool, was just showing mine to my beloved hubby, then looked on your site, he loves yours as well he said "you girls are so clever, so gifted"
    Praize indeed

  3. I can't stop looking at them...I am feeling inspired to create :)

  4. WOW!!! Tammy, you have totally inspired me. School holidays started today so can't wait to get in and get mine done.


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