DT Sneak Peek

Heres a real teaser... Its a little section of my Design team LO for October. See it in the gallery at OSS on the first of the month ; )

What a cold wintery day we have here in Canberra today ... I was starting to get used to those warm low to mid 20's we have been having.
In other news Little Mr has discovered his toes!
Little Miss sneezes and then tells you 'bless you me' with and expectant face (meaning you didn't say bless you to me)


  1. This looks pretty, can't wait to see it all :)

  2. The texures & colours are fabulousm can't wait to view

  3. Oooh Tammy, this looks very inviting. Hanging out for 1/10 to see the full view!

  4. well i have been and searched the oss gallery and found your beautiful layout. Tammy I think it is my new favourite of all you have done - everything about it is just beautiful, including the topic. An inspiration!

  5. This looks so cute and pretty. Cold it's starting to get cold here too not looking forward to England winters thats for sure.



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