BIG update

I have been a bad blogger : (
So here is a total update settle in with a coffee and some chocolate I only hope that you can follow it...
Was busy scrapping last month, Happily I did complete all of my EDM Lo's and my DT work but didn't get to start on altering Amys wedding guest book, which I'm hoping to do today and tomorrow. Didn't get to finish my CJ either but that is
next after the guest book. So here are my OSS design team LOs for September I love the autumn leaves one and special thanks to Ann for the gorgeous monogram. The one with Mr is special to me as it is him with the toy Miss chose for him and that I thought was unsuitable for a new baby LOL The last on is the LO I did for the class I taught at OSS last Sat.
I can't believe how quickly my sisters wedding has hit us only another 4 weeks away WOW and my gorgeous little neice Nikayla just turned one. We went shopping yesterday and bought a beautiful dress for Miss to wear... she has really had a growth spurt over what seems like the last few weeks and wearing that dress looks like such a little lady I had a surge of emotion and only just managed to hold off the tears...She started swirling around in the change room and told me she was dancing like Henry ?? ( the Octopus from the wiggles )this quickly replaced those emotions of mine with a great big smile and timely reminder that she is definitely only 2!
We were out yesterday as Miss had a fall at Daycare the previous day, from a height, and put her top teeth through her bottom lip. When I examined it in a motherly fashion that night I discovered a bit of redness in her gum and a very slightly wobbly front tooth ... So it was off to the dentist for us ... everything seems fine at this stage but we just have to keep an eye on it. She was such a brave girl and while not totally compliant she was VERY well behaved in a strange environment.
My weekend in Brisbane was totally wonderful. I stayed with my friend Jaki and she and her family, including her gorgeous sister Sam, were just amazing and so welcoming and accomodating.
Jaki and Sam have befriended me from when I very first joined OSS Jaki RAKED me before the Rak list came into existance and at that time in my life it really blew me away that some one could be so very thoughtful and kind for no reason other than that she knew I liked what she had bought for me. Over time our friendship has blossomed and grown and I consider Jaki to be amongst my VERY closest friends and it was soooo very good to meet her ( you ) and see her in action as a mum as well as the friend that I have come to know and love. Nothing seemed to be too much trouble while I was there.... even helping me clean up the slimy Poo that flew out the back of Mr's pants and into both of my hands while we were sitting on J's couch. So there I was with two hands cupped full and not one drop got onto the couch or me... I am amazed. Needless to say with my hands literally full I could not move. Thanks again LOL.
I did have a wonderful time and was so very glad to meet my online friends I loved the afternoon tea and everyone present proved to be totally amazing beautiful women as I already believed you to be. I loved the totally relaxed social interaction the gorgeous food, stories and company was perfect.
Meeting Maria and Tracey also wonderful and confimed them to be the people that they portray themselves as in my online communication with them. I sadly did not get to spend as much time as I would have liked with Maria ( another of my closer internet friends who has been wonderful to share her friendship with me ) as she is one very busy lady.
Mr rolled for the first time while we were up there and I seem to have bought a different child home than the one I took away. Did his coordination and interaction levels really change so much in three and a half days... I'm feeling time slipping away again : ( My baby is 4 months old already... where has the time gone?

I did want to share more but have a higher priority right now my gorgeous boy is awake and calling for play so I am off. Spend at least 5 minutes today soaking up who your children really are at this stage of their lives, as once today is gone... its gone. Take care everyone.


  1. Aww Thanks :) I believe that to have good friends you have to be a good friend and that comes really easily for me with you!!

    I am glad you got to meet the girls IRL that I feel very lucky to know in person...and I know they loved you too!!

    Hope you are saving your pennies to come back really soon :)

  2. Love your LO's Tammy and so pleased you liked the monogram. :)

  3. Tammy you have made me laugh,cry and be jealous all in the one post!!

    LOL at Callum's poop, sorry I am sure it wasn't funny at the time!
    I bet Rachel looked beautiful dancing like Henry in her new dress

  4. Hello, I'm from The Scrap Pile Forum, just wanted to say what great LOs you've got featured here.

    Take care and see you around.


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