A few weeks ago we bought ourselves a car... the first time we have had a car in just over 3 years and what a wondeful world of activity it has opened up to us as parents of a two year old. We have talked often throughout the last year about taking Miss to the zoo; the Canberra Zoo and aquarium is not in an area accessible by bus and so has been off limits to us but on the weekend we went and it was great. Miss had a great time and Loved walking alongside the Emus and touched a Kangaroo a little too enthusiastically resulting in her getting a gentle push by the big Grey relaxing in the Sun. She showed an interest in most of the animals that she could see up close but I think she mainly loved the idea of being at the zoo and running around like a bit of a wild child and wearing us out! the next day we asked her what her favourite animal she had seen at the zoo was. Her Reply... A fish!
She was very interested in the giant carp swimming around the perimeter of one of the smaller primate enclosures.

I wanted to share a few more pictures but am having real problems with Blogging today and am giving this up along with the rest of my post which has disappeared into cyber space somewhere much to my frustration.


  1. :) great photos :)
    I love tigers and that captures it so well IMO
    I bet Rachel had a ball (as well as mum!)

  2. Hi Tammy, Visiting you from scrap pile.

  3. Callum loves the zoo too, and the pet shop! :)
    Love the photos.

  4. I haven't been to a zoo in years and the photos you took look like the animals have very large 'natural' enlosures. What a lovely day for you all.

  5. I used to love going to the Auckland & Wellington zoo's, miss it heaps, love the photos


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