No more pigtails

Hubs and I have been discussing for several weeks the option of getting our sweet girls hair cut, which seems odd as at last Christmas she was still quite bald. though she has never had much hair the back has always had a little bit of length and the rest has slowly followed however in recent times this wispy thin hair that was longer at the back has been becoming tangled and matted at the slightest breath of wind ( or so it seems ) resulting in tears every morning at hair combing time.
I decided that as there was not really much hair and that it was thin I could cut it myself... I hear you all groaning and sucking in your breath... and rightfully so.
Yes thats right I did an awful crooked bodge job on those golden little cuurls and Miss has had to wear it for a few days until I got the local hairdresser to level it up ... Why is it that she can sit like a stone for the hairdresser but sit still for just a second for me? Noooooo.
So my little girl has had her first haircut (or two) and is wearing a cute little curly bob, still a bit shorter and thinner at the sides - thanks to nature not me if you are wondering!We are in the midst of changing computers so I can't share a before pic and this is the best after one I have at this stage

In other news... I am going to try and tear myself away from the computer today and do some scrapping I have a few things on the go and would like to get a some stuff done before next Thurs... ready for my exciting trip... Cant wait. Sorry I haven't had any pages to share for a while what I have gotten done recently are DT pages for next month so can't share yet.


  1. Don't feel guilt about the dodgy hair cut Tammy. We've all been there and fancied ourselves as hairdressers! LOL I do it regularly! *hiding head in sham* LOL

  2. I do it all the time, dd is pretty good at holding her head still now and the cut is still dodgy! LOL

    Getting very excited about next week!!!

  3. I did it too for my son's first haircut - I used to be a hairdresser and I still couldn't get it right LOL!!! I love your little girl's curls, they're gorgeous :)

    Jasmine (Scrap Pile)

  4. Those curls are adorable. I almost cored when Michael first cut Kyan's hair. He used clippers. Lollies are good for keeping them still. We also sat him in his high chair which worked well.

  5. Tammy it was so lovely to catch up with you & the beautiful Master Callum yesterday, enjoy your day today xx

  6. ohh sorry Tammy I realise now I didn't put my name !!! the above post is from me,xx


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