Lime Tart

Ok firstly before you read my post you must see this....

My Dorky Husband

Now let me tell you with a very red face that the lady in the PO was me and here is my version of events...

I was at the PO EXPRESS posting my scraproom makeover entry. Saw a man behind me with a stack of boxes and thought I wonder what other kind of business uses big pizza boxes. So when he ended up beside me I stole a very casual sidelong glance and out of my mouth escaped a big loud Ohhhh ( with a tone of how 'I do so desire this product' ) when I realised I had actually been audible and saw (Who I now know to be )Phillipa's hubby along with the PO lady looking at me I felt like such and idiot and falteringly tried to explain why I was drooling over his parcels. I though I had made him feel arkward and put him on the spot babbling to him about how I wished one of the boxes was coming to me... I felt like such a dork.
I came home and e-mailed my friend in QLD who I had been e-mailing about the collection the day prior. She asked me how I resisted the urge to grab one and Run LOL!
So Phillipa I wasn't thinking that your husband was some strange dorky type person but that in fact that person was me!

For those of you unfamiliar with Lime tart have a look their kits are beautiful.


  1. Still ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LOL LOL too funny!!

    I can just see a crazy scrapping woman racing out of the PO with a pizza box....yes, they are VERY tasty pizza's everyone lol!!

  3. I found your blog through Phillipa, sorry for the intrusion. I love you page on jumping wonderful.

    Enjoy your day,



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