Today I am feeling like a serious bona fide blogger as one of my very favourite and inspirational scrappers has commented on my blog AND I have been tagged.... here goes

Four Movies I Can Watch Over And Over :
Not sure I have 4...
1)Sliding Doors
2)Love actually

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch :
1) Desperate housewives
2) Neighbours
3) CSI
4) Sunrise

Four Important things to me :
1) The Mr.
2) My kids
3) Scrapping or having a creative outlet
4) Being a good mum.

Four Tunes That Play In My Head :
1) A tune from Bear in the big blue house ( we have personalised with our own names LOL )
2) Row row row your boat
3) Anything wiggles
4) Baa baa black sheep

Four Favorite Food Dishes :
1) Roast lamb dinner with baked potatoes and Gravy.
2) a nice Penne matriciana from a good Pasta restaurant
3) Home hade hamburgers with loads of fresh Salad
4) CHOCOLATE. Not a dish i know but one of my diet staples

Four Websites I Visit Daily :
1) My Email
2) One Stop Scrapping
3) My blog and a few others too
4) Blue Bazaar

Four Scrap company’s I like :
1) Basic Grey
2) SEI
3) Lil' Davis
4) Cactus Pink

Four Favorite Colors :
1) Pink
2) Blue
3) Green
4) and all the rest

Four bloggers to tag:

I don't know any bloggers who haven't already been tagged LOL


  1. LOL to tunes that play in your head... I can relate, but wasnt taking the kids shows/music into account :D


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