I have been inspired by Jakis challenge on OSS and Sams 'friends' LO to take the camera out with me this morning and get some photos of what I take for granted each day as I walk to Daycare with my children. I was so happy with the shots I got while walking that I decided to take the camera into my decrepid neglected overgrown garden and see what beauty I could find there. Here are some of my photos.


  1. Wow I love all these Tammy, fantastic shots, well done

  2. wow Tammy these are awesome photos. I really love the last one but then I love the toadstools and the iris (?) as well! The galahs remind me so much of my childhood.
    hmmm making me think I might go for another wander with my camera tomorrow :D

  3. Sam,
    it's a tiny violet. :)

  4. Isn't it nice to find a splash of colour in the garden in the middle of winter!!

  5. you have a good eye for photography Tammy, and you must have a great canera as well, your photos are beautiful.

  6. tammy, thanks for visiting my blog! i just dropped in to say hi! so, hi! beautiful layouts & photography, well done! Kate xo


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