Happy waiting

I'm happily and a little impatiently waiting today...
Waiting for what I hear you wonder...
Several things ... Like chipboard from Buzz and Bloom, New Cherry Arte PP, the paint to dry on my chipboard book ( current project ), An E-mail from Tracey saying she has my MM runway Tote, 8 weeks to pass for my next trip and first time flying with a baby, 3 months to pass so I can see the other 'Y' sister get married ( explain 'Y' sisters later )... I think thats all I'm waiting on right now, all things that make me feel happy.
It's a cold grey foggy day in Canberra Baby boy is a little unsettled as he got immunised two days ago. The kids Grandma and Grandpa are in town this week and bought my sweet Miss a gorgeous tricycle for her birthday and a bundle of clothes for my baby boy which is great as he is growing like a bean sprout.
Am trying to decide if I will enter the FK everyday moments comp ... I have a lot of product in my stash my two favourite PP manufacturers are sponsors the theme really sits well with me and is probably what I would typically scrap anyway, I'm just not confidant or sure that I can curn out 3 Lo's a month and meet my DT committments and do Pages For Awards for excellence. I'm pretty sure that I cant do that it's probably a LO a week and not realistic for me ATM.

Oh Almost forgot ... the other Y sister...
In our family there are 7 daughters each of the other 5 girls name ends with the letter a except for Amy and I ... hence the Y sisters.

The cupcake pictures and journalling went out to the girls who wanted to participate yesterday looking fwd to seeing what everyone creates.


  1. As they say Patience is a virtue Tammy,lucky you, it's lovely to have great things to look forward to.
    The "Y" & the "a" sisters, how amazing & I bet it wasn't planned like that either. My kiddies names all start with "J" & that wasn't intenional, after hearing my lasts name a friend said, "you like J's don't you, I didn't know what she ment straight off. Then we realised all the pets in our married life have been the letter "S"


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