Does it ever stop?

It would seem not during a Canberra winter!
Miss's fever ended up lasting a few days and was only reduced slightly with Panadol, then yesterday she is pretty much back to her normal self and we notice the rash covering her torso and back of neck, we can only assume this is as a result of the fever as she is seeming healthy, fever is gone, appetite is back and she is fully immunised.
So this morning we are getting ready to walk to daycare on a very windy day and a I am tucking in my sick boy and covering his section of pram with over head blanket to protect him from the wind when Miss falls down the stairs, two of them, head first onto the concrete! She is now sporting a bruise and little egg on her forehead.
I've got a very cuddly congested little man here who just wants to be cuddled today, really limiting me, and I was set to go cleaning on this very neglected house so I could scrap tomorrow. Ive got two LO's on the go ATM and a DT kit sitting there waiting.
Don't get me wrong I cherish each cuddle I get, it's just not that often I am keen to do housework, so feel it's an opportunity lost.


  1. sounds like you need a little TLC yourself Tammy. Big hugs from me to you. Hope to morrow is a happy bright day for you.

  2. Roll on Summer, enjoy all those cuddles whilst curling up with a good book, I wish I can hear you say!


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