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We took Little Mr to the surgeon on Wed to get his umbilical hernia checked out and were told that at this stage it is best to leave it as there is still an 80% chance that it will self heal by the time he is two. We have to go back in 6 months and get it checked again, I'm a happy Mum hearing that my baby does not have to undergo surgery at this stage of his life. He has the flu at the moment so looks a bit rosey and sad in this pic I took yesterday.
Friday we had him weighed and measured and he is a BIG healthy 6.6kg it seems he is changing his feeding pattern At the moment wreaking havoc with me and my milk supply as he is all over the place, sadly for me more often than not he is ditching the lovely 8 hour night time sleep and going for 4 or 5 hourly ones. Stretching out his daytime feeds to 4 hour intervals more and more often too.

Here is a cute little project that I did for OSS new products using Scrap FX Funky flowers. Speaking of OSS I should be confirming my dates next week so I'll be able to let you know when I'll be in Sunny QLD and give you some sneak peeks of my class LO


  1. Great news re Callum Tammy! Love his top ;)

    Love the flowers too :)

  2. glad to hear Callum is ding fine and doesn't need an op. Your flowers look wonderful Tammy.

  3. Callum certainly is coming on leaps and bounds! Great news on the hernia too!


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