Basic Grey

I have had this layout accept by Basic Grey to go in their gallery ... I love using Basic Grey it is my consant fallback and staple in my stash. I also really love this page it's uncomplicated and pretty and I feel that it really reflected Miss's personality at that time in her life ( not too long ago )

I now have all of the scrap goodies I was waiting on a few posts back. I love the Buzz and Bloom and scrap FX chippies, such nice quality and Laser cut just beautiful.
Oh and my MM runway Tote sooo soft can't wait to fill it up and jump on a plane with it!

On the home front everyone here has some variation of awful head cold. Poor little baby is all snuffly and breathing Oh so loudly; Miss went to bed early last night at her own insistance with no dinner. We sent her off with a dose of Panadol, nursing a fever. Hubs is home and on Anti biotics again.

I am seeing more blogs around using this template with a pic up at the top, if anyone knows how to do this can you please help me?


  1. Can't wait to see some LOs with all your new stuff :)

    Hope you are all feeling better soon, it has been a bad winter for you all :(

  2. sorry to hear your family is unwell Tammy. Sending a little Qld sunshine your way :).

  3. Hope you are all on the mend now Tammy, love the LO, looks fabulous


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