Angel ?

My sweet angel girl certainly gives me a run for my money at bedtime on the weekends Hubs is away. The gorgeous sweet angelic looking girl is transformed into a screaming, disagreeable, miserable, red faced bundle within mere minutes then several hours later after shouting and tears all round there she lies fast asleep looking like and absolute angel so peaceful and calm... leaving me more than a little stressed and guilty and more than anything just wondering ... what has just happened here?

All the scrap goodies I have ben waiting for arrived and Tracey has my Tote... can't wait to get it and check it all out IRL. I'm also getting some scrap FX chippies from OSS... now if only I had time to use all of these great items.


  1. This would have to be deshavue for me Tammy
    Unfortuantly we as parents are often guilt-ridden
    Be assured you are doing a wonderful job
    Setting limits & boundaries is just part of being a parent,after all it’s in the best interest for her for you are sticking to the limits you’ve set
    I still go through these pangs now with my 18yrs old, LOL
    so just keep up the good work xx

  2. have fun with the chippies :)
    can't wait to get some more myself.
    I struggle with Brad just about every night when it comes to bed :( and to make it worse Sian is starting to do the same.

  3. Yep, have to agree bedtime for littlies can be the most frustrating time...that and meal times!!
    On a happier will love your ScrapFX :)

  4. Know nothing about Scrap FX but everything about bedtimes (except the answers that is!) Consistency is the only suggestion I have. Its really worth sticking to your guns however hard it can seem at times. Hang in there :)

    Now I'm off to check out these Scrap FX!


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