What a surprise!

Went home to mums for Brennas baby shower in the weekend and what an unbelievable surprise awaited me.... Amy and Nikayla along with ...... Sara, all the way from Japan!!!
I'm actually a bit shocked that my family managed to keep those two secrets from me LOL
Miss had a ball at mums it was good for her and she was really playing up being
Nan's girl. I had fun using different settings on the Camera and got some awesome shots of her jumping on the Trampoline!
Hubs reformatted computer while we were away and its going much faster which is awesome he also installed a great photo editing program that I'm looking forward to playing with.
We have an informal challenge going at OSS with my Cupcake picture, should be fun, I'm looking forward to seeing what the girls come up with!


  1. LOL! Isn't it a funny feeling being the surprisee rather than the surpriser :)

    Sounds like a lovely surprise...and then more nice surprises waiting for you at home!!
    (Wish my dh was computer literate! LOL)


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