Tuesday ,Wednesday, CUP CAKE!

Well I managed to work out how to link to an image..Yay! Though I still need to work on the size. Have also worked out that this particular blog template wont allow me to have an image on my banner.

So today is Cup Cake day!
I have been working on fostering enthusiasm and optimism in Miss and trying to show her that I also get excited and look forward to things, last week end we went to the library which I made a big deal about every day leading up to it and it was going to be a special Mummy Daughter thing to do, but being the great little person that she is she insisted we take baby boy and invited Dad too.
This week I've been promising her that on Thursday we could make cup cakes. It's also helping her develop an understanding of the days of the week. This morning I asked 'Miss do you know what today is?' And she exclaims 'Up Cakes!!'
I heard her talking to her toys and she told them 'Cake, cake, Happy Birthday, Happy birthday to you'
The first time we had cake at home was on her 2nd birthday, after which she asked for Cake and icecream after dinner every day for at least a week! So now she thinks it's her birthday again! LOL
The cakes are cooling while she sleeps and we will ice and decorate them later.
Teaching a 2 year old the joy of licking the batter from the beaters and bowl is an absolute delight!
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  1. Just beatiful
    I hope to see a LO come from this very entre Tammy, it will be a favouite memory for her to read about later in life, thats for sure


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