Todat I'm holding my sweet baby a little closer to me.
Yesterday we were advised that his umbilical hernia is not of a size that our GP can confidantly say will self heal, we have to consult a pediatric surgeon but the wait to see him is three long weeks.
The thought of this gorgeous boy having to have surgery sends chills down my spine.
He is at such a wonderful stage of development cooing and gooing in response to the direct eye contact and mother love conversation I direct at him, me replying in a like fashion to what he has delivered, sees me rewarded with the most beautiful beaming gummy smile I can imagine.
Don't expect to see one soon though as he wont do it for me if I have Camera in hand!

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  1. Keep your chin up Tammy and keep lots of positive thoughts going :)
    The photo is gorgeous!!

  2. hello Tammy - two sites to keep tabs on you now! How will I keep up - how will you keep up?

    Tammy - try not to worry about your little man, he is strong and healthy and happy, I am sure he will be fine. Don't let him know your worried now!

    As Jaki says - positive thoughts!

  3. Beautiful photo Tammy, can't imagine how you must feel
    Daily on going Prayers from this quarter x


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