Crochet Easter Baskets

When I was working from the 200 crochet blocks book for the cushions, I started to be able to make sense of crochet patterns! I have never been able to read them and so steered clear of any cute projects I saw, knowing I'd get to a point where I could go no further.

However, when perusing pinterest recently I clicked to the link for a basket pattern on the lion brand website and realised I could read it! yeeha! I didn't follow the yarn or gauge instructions but immediately thought of this lovely ball of anchor magic line my friend Sue sent me, so I pulled it out and got to work creating the simple basket on the right. Then I went again, making the base bigger, adding in a channel to thread ribbon and putting a pretty scalloped edge around the top.

I thread a piece of fine craft wire through each handle to hold them up, I did not crochet my handles as a separate piece to be attached but continued on with the foundation chain of the handle from the last stitch of the basket and anchored it as I went to the sides with slip stitch.

I think I need to make some up in pretty pastel bendigo cottons!
I have crochet bowls in my sights now!


  1. gorgeous! and very clever :)

  2. how fantastic....isn't it exciting when something clicks this way ...can't wait to see what you come up with next


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