Christmas Sewing

I had ordered a bundle of basics and some Christmas fabrics to make some pretty dolly Dresses for the shop and for my Girls. Then I realised that I had actually ordered too late and chances were that they wouldn't arrive in time for me to make them up and sell ship etc before Christmas. I had a discount code to use at the Fat Quarter Shop so it was coming from O/S I was a bit disappointed in my lack of foresight but took it on as a lesson learned and wound down my shop sewing in order to do my other things and prepare for Christmas. I even put my machine away and started to use my sewing table as a painting space!

I still wanted to make new dresses for our little Blythe family of 5 so ordered some of Natalies new woodland range from Sarah at Quilt Fabric Delights. Keeping it all local this time. Well Local to Australia that is. I started cutting the dresses last night and have some other colours in transit too. Its so whimsically cute and lends itself well to a Christmas theme.

Then on my way out to drop the kids at School this morning I notice our mail box was stuffed extraordinarily full for Early on Monday morning, I opened it up to find my FQS package squished in there and suspect it was there all weekend long!

I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned that Orange is quite probably my favourite colour, but would you believe till now I did not have any Orange fabric! I was quite stunned by that realisation when trying to find some recently!

Now that I am in holiday and home sewing mode not sure if I will swing back to shop sewing before the new year. I have posted a great discount code on my Facebook fan page for the shop as a Thank You and Merry Christmas so if you have been admiring anything now would be the time to grab a great bargain. I really appreciate the support I am offered through the lovely community!. xx The shop will be stocked again from mid to late Jan if all goes according to plan :)


  1. The colours of the fabrics are fabulous Tammy ... full of Christmas cheer! M

  2. Oh my! Look at all that lucious fabric. Beautiful!!!
    Orange isn't my favourite colour ... but it certainly is up there.
    Happy sewing.


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