I'm Tammy Author of  GirlsWearBlueToo. 
Mama. Partner. Introvert. 
I love photographing what's happening in the garden and the birds that are visiting.
I struggle with maintaining routine and almost always have my focus on at least one yarn project. 
I believe you are never too old to learn and that there really is something good in every day.

I guess could be summed up as a Nature Loving, Creative Homebody, trying to live Simply.

My Daughter, my Son and my Mr.
Sometimes the Mr's Son.
Our Cocker Spaniel Puppy 'Bella'

Garden :- 
We have an apricot tree, several varieties of plum, a nectarine, a mandarin, several olive and a couple of fig trees. We harvest rain water here that we use for the garden, ponds and birds. We have Boysenberries, Grapes, and innumerable ornamental flowering plants, the creator of this garden loved her work. We are ever learning about what we bought into here ... the cycles, problems and never ending wild, weedy, wonder of this garden and its inhabitants

Paper -  Project life, Planners and card making. I love Washi Tape and cute stationery. 
Yarn  - Crochet is my true love and my love of knitting is ever increasing.
Bake - Sometimes a lot, sometimes a little. In cycles.  
Photography - Everyday if possible, my 2015 evolving passion.

We live in a regular house on a large suburban block in Canberra Australia.

I post sporadically and sometimes with regularity! about anything I've mentioned here.
If you want to contact me you can do that here
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and pictures, please say Hello.