Rainy Day Activity.

A little photography.

A little knitting.

Some TV, snuggling and snoozing.

Some snipping.

A pair of affectionate visitors. (Eastern Rosella)

Then some beading ...

There was a short window of nice sun as I took the beading and snipping photos ... LOL ...

Oh I miss my oven.


  1. Looks wonderful, especially the knitting and the napping :o)

  2. I love rainy days like that.
    I also love that first photo.

  3. Snuggling and snoozing. Those are the best rainy days! :)
    Thank you for visiting my blog. :) I love yours as well--I bookmarked it.
    :) tina

  4. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing them. Those birds are so sweet and so in love. Blossoms are like pink popcorn. Napping is always fun. Have a good weekend. Dogwood

  5. I think you just described the PERFECT rainy day. A bit of all the important stuff all rolled in together.

  6. Now that's an active day in doors. Great photos!

  7. oh so cute! I can't wait till keira sits nicely beading! we have progressed from throwing buttons and beads everywhere in a frenzy to sitting nicely and making them into faces on the floor....slowly slowly

    heh your pie looks very impressive!



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